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ODOP: untitled snippet

Every time I drag up this blog to add a post, I laugh bitterly at my ambitious title. Why do people start blogs over the summer?

Anyway, this is actually an outtake from another Public Health poem. Yes, if you’re wondering, the series is full of romantics, but curable ones.

You that own a house don’t know
All the rest of the city is mine!
It raises your taxes, and nestles in my heart

So the land is not in my name; the lakes are not in thine
My boots know the alleys, my head knows the haunts,
and no sandwich ever tastes dry to me.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George.


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ODOP: Martin Shade Reports

I suspect the reason my current novel project is going so slowly and poorly is that I keep falling in love with each character in turn. This one, Shade, was initially conceived solely to be a bit of a vain and silly bastard: it was an actual plot point that sensible, hot-blooded people would find him irritating. Ah, it’s the best-laid plans that always suck…

Lately I’ve been fiddling with a novella from his PoV and he’s gotten frighteningly complex. As you can see below, my materialistic friend is in fact a bit of a repressed mystic.

You have to know when to give if the gods are fond of
twirling your life like a pen when they’re bored.
I’m bored. I’m bored with trying and fighting.
Bored with pride and resistance. And yet
I’ll do it again tomorrow once this passes.

But as of yesterday I gave. Got on the
floor where I belong. Eyes on the
ceiling where nothing is. And nothing so
strong it is something. Take it from me.
There is no drug like pain. I saw myriad flying things.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

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ODOP: Birdseye View

Image copyright NASA. As you might expect, this site is not endorsed by the same.

I sit on the rim but I’m facing in—
And damn! You people’s daily deeds,
Endless, tiny pulses—
Done with such celerity
And such coordination!

Image copyright NASA (which, as any fool might guess, does not endorse this site). Poem copyright 2010 Jobey George. Comments very welcome.

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ODOP: Indignation

This poem’s title is actually “Clay’s Song.” It’s part of a series I’m working on, where each poem is a different character’s outtake from my WIP novel.

The novel is speculative fiction, dealing with a government’s latest attempt to handle the problem of a supernatural affliction amongst its citizenry.

The latest government efforts aim to be very humane. Our friend Clay here is most definitely not the protagonist of the story, but, like the protagonist, he doesn’t really respond to the initiative with the gratitude that the powers that be expected.

Read the poem here

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