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ODOP: Disaster

Also done during Prompt Week! This one’s prompts were “meander” and “Could it possibly go wrong?” That first one didn’t, in its explicit form, survive the second draft—and yet I think its spirit remains.

Now that we’re on the river
And the current’s running strong,
You think to ask, with a hole in the raft,
If things could, by chance, go wrong?

Well, my lad, since our eyes are weak,
And our labor is sold for a song,
Since, my love, we’re clumsy as apes among glass,
Things could possibly go wrong.

With us out of practice, out of wind,
And the children tagging along,
With us juggling car keys and sippy cups,
Do you think it might go wrong?

But when it’s me and you and ours
Racing free under the thousand-eyed night,
When we’ve got our joined hands and warring wits,
How could it not go right?

Copyright 2010 Jobey George.


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ODOP: Bleak Midwinter

My prompts for this were “parsley” and “Why didn’t he want to celebrate Christmas this year?” The question portion of the prompt led itself to all sorts of angst, and I was determined to make it a joyful poem despite the rather desperately dreary inspiration.

Matt Lormer’s house’s
abandoned, that once
blazed with jazz and rang with lights,
was full of pomp and bounce,

open to anyone (with wit
or good looks or a name).
What man would leave behind such
delicate local fame?

Surely he’ll be back for Yule?
Hobos hole up in his halls,
laughing at frostbite, spitting and
soiling the rooms of bygone balls.

Where shall we go for Yule?
Tramps raid his cellar and his pantry.
They’ve left only bags of flour,
Spiderwebs, scattered bits of parsley.

Vain dancer, you don’t know?
You weren’t there when he heard
the news, and dropped his flute,
And bolted without a word?

Lormer’s love, perished in the
Galloway bombs some sixteen years before—
Now said to be alive! He did not
Stop to consult you or shut his door.

We’ve word they met in Marley,
Careless of locale, surely.
He shan’t come back to our glittering Yule:
His Easter has come early.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

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ODOP: I Did Not Write This On Drugs

There’s a place in the midway where the moon follows you,
Where the land and the hills won’t stay still but the gods say nothing new,
A untrustworthy realm where quicksilver is the weather,
Where droplets leap golden from streams and the stars all fall together.
Everything glints with harsh purple and gold like the antithesis of a dream
That will either cause your soul to sleep or your mouth to cry and scream.
One subsides on keys there; some are deadly, some are fair;
All taste like the blight of blood but chime in open air.

In that land our enemy Mad Ironarm was born,
And flies back again one day in ten on sullen winds
To steal more globs of magic from his dwindling kin,
And my love, my lissome love, sets out there on the morn…

Copyright 2010 Jobey George. Seriously, do you really want it?

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ODOP: Nearness

This poem has been deleted for entry in a contest.

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ODOP: epicurus defied

I got the prompt from today’s poem by random-ing on TV Tropes and getting Friendly Neighborhood Vampires. The reason it became all “lover-ly” is because the description claims that FNVs are sometimes portrayed as “Star Crossed Lovers” (??) I don’t recall any such examples from my own media experiences, but, when your goal is One Day, One Poem, you can’t be too picky about inspiration.

Anyway the TV Tropes item inspired a lot of bad puns. I showed heroic restraint by not putting all of them in here.

Carpe the bloody diem,
They told me, and forget
Her lily-thin cheeks
Rebels don’t regret

When you live in the moment
You live in any moment…
Coz that’s romantic.

And so I left the bloody diem
Left it exactly as it was.
It’s still waiting on me,
Its neck exposed.

Our past burning on high pyres —
Hand and hand, we stalk away,
And fly off, you and I
To suck the morrow from today.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

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ODOP: while the world falls apart

     umbrella girl, there was
nothing in my pockets even
before the holes, and it’s
     pneumonia season

Marry me.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

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