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REC: Alan Joyce’s Poetic Excuse

I like variety in my poetic reading. I can stand pretty much any topic—from angsty godless existentialism to, worse still, soppy inspirational stuff—or form—whether strict Petrarchan sonnet to the most unwieldy, undisciplined paragraph-stanzas. Just so long as you mix it up for me. (And if it’s going to be soppy inspirational stuff, you better mix it up for me fast.)

No, the thumbs down does not refer to Alan. That’s my visual response to SIS–the soppy inspiration stuff.

This is probably why I’ve come to think of albertoxie’s Poetic Excuse as my “WordPress poetry heaven.” To be sure, the man hasn’t updated since May 14, but I still haven’t exhausted re-reading the archives, so I’m as happy as a very literary little crab not being boiled. In Ireland. Read the rest of this entry »


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REC: Jon Sanders’s Top 50

I like to snark about poetry—it doesn’t get nearly as much snark as it should because it has a sacrosanct air of “high art” and “personal expression” about it. To counter this, I thought I would launch my poetry reviews by examining some celebrities’ poetry with brutal honesty.

(Un?)fortunately for me, as I have been slowly trawling through internet poetry blogs, I’ve actually found some of that 5% of poetry that’s enjoyable. Read the rest of this entry »

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