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ODOP: The Fortunate

Actually, Lelo got two poems for the price of one request. See what good bargains we offer here at One Day One Poem? Remember to leave your request for any occasion.

All the others, it seemed,
Could draw nothing but devils and deaths,
Upside-down cups and pentacles.

The worst fortune was left to me:
I alone of us all drew
Great wisdom, long life.

And now darker far than a dark moon
On a dark night are those faces
I once loved more than my own.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George.


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ODOP: The Educated Man Goes to a Gypsy

No matter how often
I ordered the lady
with gauze to her elbows
to shuffle the Might-Be
and Won’t-Be, and Beware
and Nevercome, to add
the Will-Come-to-Pass to
the Might-Have-Been,
working the sum of the
Would That It Will Have Been,
the final card, in every
seven-pointed star, is death.
His creaking, apologetic.

Today’s poem created at the request of Lelo. Feel free to leave your own requests!

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