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ODOP: Recharging

He coasted from Marmletop to Midway—
Raced the seagulls when he hit the coast—
But the monster was growing even as he put on the miles
And the knot it was getting knottier.


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ODOP: Hooky

I came across God working
Last night, behind the curtains,
Tying the strange knots
That bind up my thoughts
While I sleep, so fine
And so looseable.

With the itch of
Curiosity I craned
And His playful hand
Swatted me back.
“Not yet,” he said,
“You’re on.” And I woke

To the blinding
White stagelights
That make you forget
The backstage glimpses
Of floating magic dust—
And your lines too.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

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