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ODOP: The Good Old Days

A woman could be a lady then.
Three petticoats for decency–
And to conceal the weapons.

Prompt: TVTropes Randomization — The Edwardian Era. I’m pretty sure we were actually down to 0-1 petticoats by then, but ARTISTIC WORD ASSOCIATION.


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ODOP: Bullhorn to Whoever’s There

A little father from the earth, a little closer to the moon’s back,
Interrogation inverted—
Give me some answers, or I drop me!

Prompt: TVTropes Randomization — High Altitude Interrogation

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ODOP: Ease and Attention

This was the first attempt to deal with “meander” and “Could it possibly go wrong?” Itdidactually use the word “meander.” Victory!

All clear, captain. Nothing
will go wrong tonight.

Oh, sure, sergeant, sure.
With a foolproof plan
in a world where we have
executed all the fools —
oh wait. We haven’t
quite done that yet.

Closer on the morn, sir.

Ah, your right
to bring me back. Who
is a lowly legend like myself
to question our orders, slick
as they are? Our tarpapered roof
of a plan? We and the men
must only be prompt, decided.
If they’re bold in action — well, the action’s sound!
Our only enemy’s meandering.

Fine sentiments, sir —

No, I mean he’s meandering
towards us. Hand on your sword.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George.

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ODOP: Disaster

Also done during Prompt Week! This one’s prompts were “meander” and “Could it possibly go wrong?” That first one didn’t, in its explicit form, survive the second draft—and yet I think its spirit remains.

Now that we’re on the river
And the current’s running strong,
You think to ask, with a hole in the raft,
If things could, by chance, go wrong?

Well, my lad, since our eyes are weak,
And our labor is sold for a song,
Since, my love, we’re clumsy as apes among glass,
Things could possibly go wrong.

With us out of practice, out of wind,
And the children tagging along,
With us juggling car keys and sippy cups,
Do you think it might go wrong?

But when it’s me and you and ours
Racing free under the thousand-eyed night,
When we’ve got our joined hands and warring wits,
How could it not go right?

Copyright 2010 Jobey George.

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GUEST ODOP: untitled

Lelo’s unenviable prompts were “hobbitlike” and “Bury me?”

Unwrap my pale and feeble arms
Undim the lights, unchain the hound
Remove the burglar alarms
Put down the silverware you’ve found

I had a rival for my crown
He raised an army, set his mark
They schemed and sought to bring me down
And, hobbitlike, I feared the dark

They always coveted my things
As I sat fuming in the hall
My fine attire, my jeweled rings
At last, I caved: destroyed them all

I took the measure of this land
I doubt that even I was free
And now, kind soul, my last command:
Pick up a spade and bury me.

Copyright 2010 Lelo

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ODOP: The Frank Lady to Her Handsome Naive Man-Friend

My first-line prompt turned out to be from Louise Gluck’s “The Untrustworthy Speaker.”

Don’t listen to me; my heart’s been broken
Twice too often, and, left with this bloody token
Of expired promises, I quite naturally leap
For the bloody solution, but keep
Your hands clean. Go home, make nice,
And kiss her. Let she who is free from vice
Chuck the first stone and all that rot—
And, why, that’s me. But you’d do better not
To gamble your soul and embitter your precious
Heart. To you alone her flesh is
Sancrosanct, but not to all us others—
This? Oh, no, it’s my dear dead mother’s.
My admirable ex-husband never bought me a ring,
Just this well well-sharpened sword that I took the liberty to bring.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

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GUEST ODOP: We have no prairies

When we burned through our word-and-question prompts, we turned to the exercise of finding first lines of pre-existing poems and then submitting those lines to each other. I gave Lelo “We have no prairies” from Seamus Heaney’s “Bogland,” and you can see what she made of it by clicking here (mature readers only).

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