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ODOP: Swan Song

Life and death coterminous. Revolutionaries with wisdom as immense as hers go down in violence or camera flashes. But the unslippered lady with bent neck in the reeds is dying by degrees (her eyes more blue every day); for all her prophecy no swarms invade her glen, scattering the heavy peace, to suck on her twilight song. Anyone with the right ears and righter hearts has come in ones and twos over the riverbright centuries. No rush, no fever.

For she never spoke her word but she sang, and no one can remember a time when she was not singing it.


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ODOP: Surreptitious-Suspicious

Feeling unwell, so I’m cheating and posting an old scribble from the “discard” pile today. The inspiration is the whole realm of third-rate fantasy lit. So we’ll have to blame Tamora Pierce for this one.

There’s no good paid work,
But there’s banquet prep
And burnt fingertips.

All-eyed newlin’s just lick
‘Em, type-dab crumbs, and quick
Their dulled stomachs flame to
Sour-rich pickle in,
And steak-broth from the stew,
And round sauce-bones growin’
The tiniest, tenderest meat
(Lor’! How rich people eat!)
Shamne-temptin’ are spoons of
Gravy with beef-bit centers,
Stylist scarlet ladies of
Strawberry cheesecake-squares,
Salt-cubes, seeds little and
Many to a mouthful
And sent-back cold, dead hills
For stuff that on tongues lands
With sizzle that greezes.
And this ladle-stealth’s done
‘Mid the hollerin’ and hum
And hustle-bossgirl, who is

Plain-faced and mare-eyed,
And ‘tends eyelessness
At blatant sip-swifts.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

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