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ODOP: Hymn

The Lord made the cosmos, and all the dust in it
From expansion to expansion is only his shadow in the water
(And He made the water).

He is as generous as the length of an elephant’s trunk,
And the flexibility of it (and I praise Him).

He is as unmistakable as the rich odors
On farms and savannahs (and I praise Him).

He is as passionate as the heated fusion
In the center of each massive star (and I praise Him).

He is as fathomless as the empire of ants
That connect my bathroom to underground caverns (and I praise Him).

He is as compelling as the caw before dawn
Of a single bird by a lonely sea (and I praise Him).

His judgment is as severe and as true as the eyes,
Silent and staring, of the starving (and I praise Him).

His love is as wholehearted as the hurtle
And crash and spray at the waterfalls (and I praise Him).

He is as proud as the capital I’s;
Those I’s that are a crumb of his noblesse oblige (and I praise Him).

He is convincing as the silence, and as soothing.
The silence is his voice. (Tune yours with laughter or drink, and praise Him.)


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ODOP: Gn 18:20-32

Abraham approached
The fearsome, dreadful Lord of Might,
Whose lofty hair drew all fauna to dance and quiver round it,
Whose stern glare was such that flora bowed and bloomed before it—
With the courage of all men
And heroes
Past and yet before him,
Abraham approached
The awful Lord of Might.

Abraham stammered
Before the thinly-veiled godhead
Small and silly before the force that pulsates in the plants,
Weedy and wispy in the presence that burns in the heart of the stars
Strangled by the strange
And numinous
And rippling air of El,
Abraham trembled
And pestered God.

The Almighty turned
Turned a flashing heavenly eye,
Turned an eye too loving to bear upon the unsuspecting world,
A world that longed for love found it fierce, and scalding, and—kind.
In his mighty dread
And majesty
An incredulous and delighted Abraham
Spoke unto
The surprise of a Lord of Right.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George.

Inspired by C.S.L. (yeah, who else?): “And if in revelation, then it is most really and truly in Abraham that all people shall be blessed, for it was the Jews who fully and unambiguously identified the awful Presence haunting black mountain-tops and thunderclouds with ‘the righteous Lord’ who ‘loveth righteousness’.” So did he say it better in one sentence than I did in three stanzas? Yes, of course he did.

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ODOP: Hooky

I came across God working
Last night, behind the curtains,
Tying the strange knots
That bind up my thoughts
While I sleep, so fine
And so looseable.

With the itch of
Curiosity I craned
And His playful hand
Swatted me back.
“Not yet,” he said,
“You’re on.” And I woke

To the blinding
White stagelights
That make you forget
The backstage glimpses
Of floating magic dust—
And your lines too.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

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ODOP: Naked Valley Grave

An arid wind, a sandy drone,
A world too old to grow older.
And I am distinct from none of it
As my dry bones moulder.

The staring, merciless sun did witness
The decay of my folly and prattle…
And it alone was there to witness.
That these dry bones can rattle.

Not it alone, it was you!—That shakes
The mountains, and rends the skies,
And will be reckless in his vengeance
Till these dry bones do rise.

Terrible god, pressing forward,
In your cruel and kind advance!
Come and give your breath to me,
And make these dry bones dance.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

Image by Vrubel.

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