ODOP: Old Danilo (15)

Subtitled: Everyone Hates Unexpected Holiday Guests. Everyone.

But his soldiers refused to move Ivan
Anywhere the dogs did not want him moved.
The tsar gulped and instead asked Ivan stay
As a guest, but the kitchens despaired of
Feeding him. The tsar tried to get Ivan
To leave with his daughter, but upon looking
At him the daughter screamed, and Ivan now
Scorned any but his pretty peasant love.
There was nothing else to do. The tsar
Had to get rid of the Appetitacious.

“Very well. You’ll find old Danilo in
Such-and-such a place. Now please go away!”
Ivan stormed from the palace, and the
Servants closed in behind him to deal with
The damage. The tsar kept his throne, but what end?
He died like any man, but more damned. So
For a while, either a long time or a
Short—for while tales are thirsty, etcetera—
Ivan searched for such-and-such a place, and
Found it, of course—an island by the shore.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George.

Yep, telling this tale is making me thirsty. You?


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