ODOP: Old Danilo (11)

Meanwhile Vasilisa had her own straights.
From the moment of their kiss she realized
That she was terribly hungry. “I haven’t
Eaten these three years,” she said aloud,
Standing, left alone. “How did I do it?”
She left her work in the field and went in
The woods, looking for blackberries, but what
She found was a gang of robbers. They gagged
Her and took her to their underground den.
But they had to haste away, as she heard:

“We have Danilo the Old, servant of
The old tsar: here he is tied in our cart.
And a goodly price the pretender will
Pay for him, too, and all profit, since we
Found him languishing in a steep ravine!
But speed, brothers, speed – we do not want to
Be found with him by the tsar’s men – never
Be found by the tsar’s men – in company
Of an enemy of the tsar!” And they
Bustled about in a great commotion.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George


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