ODOP: Old Danilo (10)

Ivan had stared and stared, catching maybe
One word in ten. “I like you,” he said, and
He kissed her. (Across the sea, armies died.)
Then Ivan remembered Old Danilo,
Stranded behind, and told Vasilisa
That he must go and rescue the steward.
“You must,” she said. “Go with God.” And he and
His pack of snapping hounds raced off in the
Nearest direction, they knew not whither.
By his third night he was hopelessly lost.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George



  1. Darlene said

    wow, I really like this. I suppose it’s the no frills, use of action words or maybe it’s the feeling that they leave me with. Whatever the reason, this poem is a story and I’m intrigued by it. Beautiful work.

    • Thank you very much πŸ™‚ If it’s the style of storytelling you like, then I really have to recommend Russian fairy tales as a whole to you, because I’ve been doing a pretty good job of imitating their tone (except for the ‘across the sea, armies died’ thing–that was my own touch!) They are very no frills, to the point of being awkward, but the stories are so vivid and energetic that it only adds to the fun.

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