ODOP: Old Danilo (6)

“But I thought you must have been gone three days.”
“Fool! You saw the sun in the sky.” “No, grandsire,
For my eyes had darkened with hunger.
If this really has been but three hours, they’ve been
The longest three of my life. But I’m
Sorry, grandsire. I held out against my
Hunger as long as I could.” “Never mind.
If I starve, I starve. I don’t fear death, not I.
I fear nothing outside my Russia –
And nothing in her except Baba Yaga.”

And Old Danilo promised to lead
Ivan himself to fair Vasilisa.
“She’s no tsar’s daughter, nor a general’s:
Her father is a peasant, poor and lame.”
“Well, a peasant’s daughter is better than
None at all,” said Ivan. “And she’s better
Than a boyar’s son for marrying. Besides,
Those sheep sure were tasty.” Said Danilo,
“You remind me of your great-grandfather
As a prince. And now to holy Russia.”

Copyright 2010 Jobey George.

Basically, Ivan’s got the lowliest girl, dark chick on the right. It’ll be great fun when we meet her. Oil by Vasnetsov. Obviously NOT copyright 2010 Jobey George.


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