ODOP: Some Days Half-a-Poem

Been waiting for more inspiration on some gorgeous scraps of a poem that would be called “The Tornado and the Dog,” if it were ever finished. Apparently I wrote a prologue to it.

It doesn’t match the scraps.

Get your hand from you ear,
Your hand from your ear, your
Shaking, frozen hand from your ear.

Now your hand’s from your ear.
Good. There’s this thing you
Just got to stop shaking and hear.

The worst
Was deadly, but it didn’t last that long.
Snap back, come to, hear the word.

Davy heard, and Jolie heard,
But you, you haven’t heard
About Grayson Healy’s flap-eared mutt,
swept up like a song.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George


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