ODOP: Ease and Attention

This was the first attempt to deal with “meander” and “Could it possibly go wrong?” Itdidactually use the word “meander.” Victory!

All clear, captain. Nothing
will go wrong tonight.

Oh, sure, sergeant, sure.
With a foolproof plan
in a world where we have
executed all the fools —
oh wait. We haven’t
quite done that yet.

Closer on the morn, sir.

Ah, your right
to bring me back. Who
is a lowly legend like myself
to question our orders, slick
as they are? Our tarpapered roof
of a plan? We and the men
must only be prompt, decided.
If they’re bold in action — well, the action’s sound!
Our only enemy’s meandering.

Fine sentiments, sir —

No, I mean he’s meandering
towards us. Hand on your sword.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George.



  1. Lelo said

    Prosy and pretty. (Apparently this spell-checker thinks “prosy” is a word. I was just trying to neologize!) This one is good, but the other meandering one is even better. Maybe it’s a matter of what my current sentiments are geared toward… anyway, glad to get another look a these!

  2. I agree with the spellchecker — though I don’t think it means exactly what you were trying to neologize. Always thought it existed with the meaning of “prosaic” — as in Victorian girls complaining of their “prosy” lives. Anyway, I agree with you that the other poem is better — strange when comparing a cutesy rhyming and free experimental one, but I think we’re right!

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