ODOP: Disaster

Also done during Prompt Week! This one’s prompts were “meander” and “Could it possibly go wrong?” That first one didn’t, in its explicit form, survive the second draft—and yet I think its spirit remains.

Now that we’re on the river
And the current’s running strong,
You think to ask, with a hole in the raft,
If things could, by chance, go wrong?

Well, my lad, since our eyes are weak,
And our labor is sold for a song,
Since, my love, we’re clumsy as apes among glass,
Things could possibly go wrong.

With us out of practice, out of wind,
And the children tagging along,
With us juggling car keys and sippy cups,
Do you think it might go wrong?

But when it’s me and you and ours
Racing free under the thousand-eyed night,
When we’ve got our joined hands and warring wits,
How could it not go right?

Copyright 2010 Jobey George.


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  1. Lelo said

    Did you find the old poems? This one still make me smile!

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