ODOP: credit till we have faces

“Where does she go, Mama,
the Glomish queen,
when she abandons the state
into rooms unseen?

Oh what does she do,
our veiled mistress?
Does she uncover her hair,
dance in light dress?
open the door
to a foreign amour
(and how great he must be
to have congress with her!
No, no man,
soldier or tyrant or king,
could dare to presume
to do such a thing.)
Does she look to the sun
and communicate
with godheads so wise
of judgments and fate?”

Never did the infatuated child,
who one day would wind up
literate in foreign lands, ever
guess her beloved liege
locked herself away in sweeping
chambers to write a book.

But if she had guessed such,
never, never a book
about her cowed, unloved childhood
and suppressed terrors.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George


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  1. Lelo said

    I like! One thing I’d change: the second-to-last stanza, try having just “sweeping/chambers to write.” “A book” interrupts the flow a little, so I’d leave it for the last paragraph.

    Reminds me a little of “Dance with Me.” Royalty turns out not to be what the young man/child expected. Very nice!

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