ODOP: Underside Speaks

They say we’re the ugly sides, the creepy crawlies,
the bedheaded, the flyaway, and that their
contrivance has kept us out of sight.
Well we won’t squabble over genius.

All that matters is that
Topsiders stay where they are —
with their fashions and their lies
and (God preserve us) their manufactured laughter —
and only the sickest dare enter here.

The most grotesque thing I ever saw:
a well-dressed girl-woman afraid of maenads,
but thinking computers were tame;
companionably complaining each day
pretending to know how desperate her life was.

Never a bit unsafe. Never a bit anguished.
And not in the least happy. Wouldn’t know how to be if she tried.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George


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