ODOP: public notice

Helios, small boy, went AWOL
one Saturday, an argument,
you see, for six days at
school, and shorter summers.
Twas summer in hijs feet
carried him from Drusis
and Marcon into copperfields
and realms of dragonflies.

And relieved they were at first,
of course, had a little vacation
with coronas, laid back in
quiet for the first time in six
years. But soon quiet became
silence, and they missed something;
something became him; now
in their memory he has
sunshine in his hair.
We took up a collection,
and if you go to the sandman
and fetch him back you will
be rewarded, to the tune of
six kupeks and ten rubles
and a half-off coupon for Ponti’s.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George



  1. Lelo said

    Disturbing with sweet overtones.

  2. I wanted sweet with disturbing overtones, so it missed it mark but not by much!

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