ODOP: The Frank Lady to Her Handsome Naive Man-Friend

My first-line prompt turned out to be from Louise Gluck’s “The Untrustworthy Speaker.”

Don’t listen to me; my heart’s been broken
Twice too often, and, left with this bloody token
Of expired promises, I quite naturally leap
For the bloody solution, but keep
Your hands clean. Go home, make nice,
And kiss her. Let she who is free from vice
Chuck the first stone and all that rot—
And, why, that’s me. But you’d do better not
To gamble your soul and embitter your precious
Heart. To you alone her flesh is
Sancrosanct, but not to all us others—
This? Oh, no, it’s my dear dead mother’s.
My admirable ex-husband never bought me a ring,
Just this well well-sharpened sword that I took the liberty to bring.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George



  1. vibes01 said

    mmm i like the sharp right hand turn this baby does…

  2. Cheers! I have a feeling this lady could power a whole novel if I had the time to let her. Thanks for commenting.

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