ODOP: Assurance

This poem’s prompts were “predetermined” and “What is the shortest route to the sea?”

Calamity, you say? Son, calamity comes
When the stars go up in smoke, or a widow’s strappling sons
Discover war and women in one brutish night,
When the rising moon is red, when the winds and waters fight,
When cities lose their wheat, and their rulers lose their wits—
And in none of these scenes does your bloody lost map fit!

Better we’d ripped it up and chewed it for a meal
(That night on Medez so hungry our hates themselves did heel)!
The ocean embraces all the lands! Go west—Go east!—
Go you and do a combination of the two!
Get going. Follow any note of any tune of any air
And laugh at fear. It’s predetermined that we’ll get there.

For a power in the desert night once spoke to me
An angel with a flaming face to an orphan boy unfree
That the gods of death would not take my breath,
My life would not be done,
Till I went to adore at the Parcian shore,
Till I and the ocean breathe as one.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George


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