GUEST ODOP: Perfect Woman

Today we host Lelo’s work from our poetry prompt exercise. Lelo received the unenviable prompts “slippers” and “Should one cut down a poisoned tree?”

He has waited, all his life, it seems
for a perfect woman to write poetry for
She approaches and he snags her,
dark and lovely thing,
woos her with jewels and chocolates,
wraps her tight in a white dress
pearls too heavy for that slender neck
a suffocated smile
takes her to the coast of Ireland
(what he always wanted)
sitting on the rocky beach and
sonnetizing to her, who gazes back
with a peculiar look in her eyes
and all he sees is love

She likes his curly hair
but not his overwrought verse
(reminds her of a former stalker)
one honeymoon night, still determined to appreciate him,
she hears his drunken sleep-talk
how he expects seven children at the least
Damn you, says the disgusted wife —
he never asked what kind of family she wanted
and now that tree is poisoned forever
she fells it swiftly
and takes her slippers with her.

Copyright 2010 by Lelo


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