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ODOP: untitled x

Just playing around with sound today, and I think it was a worthy experiment. If it actually meant anything then it would be a good snippet.

the voice whispered in your stomach
“go to the garden”
and going glorious into the garden
you viewed windy stirrings
growing gracious in the garden
reaching wildly to skies
ungraspable by godlings.
resplendent you went to see
great gifts ungazable
realizing nothing, suspended
(poor gopher glomped aboveground!)
unruffled you kneeled supplication
(blessed gopher gandering aboveground!)

received you nosegays from birds
rare and neverseen beauties
going grandly on the gusts
higher, swifter out of sight

Copyright 2010 Jobey George


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ODOP: Bureaucratic Justice

Seeing as I missed a day of work
(but took an extra dose of my
medicines) at the DMV today,
I think it’s only fair that I sit
and stew on what’s dramatic
enough to make them pay.
I’ve thought of explosions and
shutting down their computers —
but they’d come through that okay.
Rather I’ll break their coffeemaker,
or perhaps send Ebony Dark’ness
Dementia Raven their way.

This catharsis copyright 2010 Jobey George.

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ODOP: Missing Updates

Though I accomplished every other task-
Utilized every mean, covered every way-
It’s not merely that I missed my poem.
It was living I postponed today.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

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ODOP: Her Leisure

See “Lady” Wakem, at her leisure –
Had a seamstress couldn’t please her.
Had a husband couldn’t squeeze her.
Got her papers, left the geezer,
Rejoiced the day of Bitsy’s seizure,
And starved her dog. By name of Caesar.
She yapped her way into her freezer,
Was found too late by Ebenezer
(A doc too fond of anti-wheezer).
Tried a mallet, tried a tweezer,
Tried a hacksaw, couldn’t ease her.
Local art-types sought to lease her –
And now throws up all them that sees her.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

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ODOP: Portentous

The stars were pregnant
when my mother disburdened
herself of me squalling.
Sages spoke; words
fell thick and heavy as
summer rain, and the floods!

Great things were
delegated to me,
underachiever. Gods,
why not lay claim
to your rights? and
rescue me from my fat fate.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

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ODOP: Destination

i gave up several fortunes
—small ones—as the ship wasn’t sailing here

and several estates i put up for sale,
and graced the first takers with all the keys,
circled their necks with golden chains by my own hands

a cure for my arthritis
i forswore, a hermit healer, as some
pains are more precious than safety

for this is the last
ship that shall ever sail
for Cebu city of stars

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

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ODOP: Martin Shade Reports

I suspect the reason my current novel project is going so slowly and poorly is that I keep falling in love with each character in turn. This one, Shade, was initially conceived solely to be a bit of a vain and silly bastard: it was an actual plot point that sensible, hot-blooded people would find him irritating. Ah, it’s the best-laid plans that always suck…

Lately I’ve been fiddling with a novella from his PoV and he’s gotten frighteningly complex. As you can see below, my materialistic friend is in fact a bit of a repressed mystic.

You have to know when to give if the gods are fond of
twirling your life like a pen when they’re bored.
I’m bored. I’m bored with trying and fighting.
Bored with pride and resistance. And yet
I’ll do it again tomorrow once this passes.

But as of yesterday I gave. Got on the
floor where I belong. Eyes on the
ceiling where nothing is. And nothing so
strong it is something. Take it from me.
There is no drug like pain. I saw myriad flying things.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

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