ODOP: During Some Street Riot of Great Political Significance

swift-swallowing bird
freed from the petshop
you’ll never build a nest

three-fourths due for
death by trampling, death by cold —
the survivors will be mean and sleekly arrogant

dog unbound
go run to the park and grow shaggy

gerbils, fuzzy gerbils
scurry en masse like a wave down the street
in city pockets
they will breed empires

but the fish struggle
in their puddles
until they’re still, and make them stink

Copyright 2010 Jobey George. This poem was inspired by the latest poem on Four and Twenty, Tim Galati’s Diner Mouse.



  1. opoetoo said

    They will breed empires. Ha ha
    I didn’t understand about the cats on the first read but I got it.
    I really like this one and the title is great.

    This makes me think of PEEWEE Herman saving the pet store animals from the fire in PeeWees Big Adventure,a film of great political significance.

  2. Thanks opoetoo! I’m glad I’m able to suggest tie-ins to lofty media events. 🙂

    I thought I was being deliberately clever with “kitten-litters” but I’m wondering if I’d do better to make it more straightforward. I’m not in the “force readers to reread it seven times minimum before it makes any sense coz that means you’re Deep and Meaningful” school of writing.

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