ODOP: untitled

as a girl, growing gawky, tall
i dared to roam outside town wall

soon enough the pirates came
they cut my hair, my tongue, my name

but sweaty, bruised, I was me
and on their ship i see the sea

they sold me in northern land
(land of brutes with brutish hands)

in some trade i, lightweight, free,
smuggled in the sea with me

years go by, i can’t recall
birth name, parents, childhood doll

but never forget the shining and strange!
how could the sea not change, yet change?

i was passed from house to house
a slow, they said, but faithful mouse

countless children on my knee
grew up and said they’d visit me

and every cat with a tail-twitch —
i was called a harmless witch

sold the last time, too far
forever sundered from the mar

my last house, furthest north,
beat me to draw the devil forth

they gave up, we grew old
i served them my bones’ weight in gold

keeping drooly rex well fed
picking lice from Master’s head

i died happy as any wight
on a clear and temperate night

Copyright 2010 Jobey George



  1. Lelo said

    Ooh, creepy-cool.

  2. Thank you! I really enjoyed exploring this one.

    I think one of the themes that most interests me is the way that history is a very thin film covering the surface of individuals’ spiritual and moral lives. Now, I certainly don’t hold this girl up as a universal model–she could be a lot more active, there are parts of the psyche she never taps into–but as one model among many, I think she’s very interesting, and I quite like her.

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