ODOP: I Did Not Write This On Drugs

There’s a place in the midway where the moon follows you,
Where the land and the hills won’t stay still but the gods say nothing new,
A untrustworthy realm where quicksilver is the weather,
Where droplets leap golden from streams and the stars all fall together.
Everything glints with harsh purple and gold like the antithesis of a dream
That will either cause your soul to sleep or your mouth to cry and scream.
One subsides on keys there; some are deadly, some are fair;
All taste like the blight of blood but chime in open air.

In that land our enemy Mad Ironarm was born,
And flies back again one day in ten on sullen winds
To steal more globs of magic from his dwindling kin,
And my love, my lissome love, sets out there on the morn…

Copyright 2010 Jobey George. Seriously, do you really want it?



  1. joe said

    I got some really interesting imagery from this, Jobey. Added you to my Blogroll, keep it up.

  2. Thanks Joe! I’m glad the somewhat psychedelic details caught your imagination. It could probably be shoehorned into a much nicer meter though. 😉 Cheers, WP

  3. P.S. Any chance of getting a link to your blog?

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