ODOP: When Come To (The Half-Hour After)

By my side, lifelike death, crimson stripes the pale –
You with me, Ms. Candycane? – Yeah, it’s you I hail
Hey, don’t look like that, little-lost-eyes-pale
We can gingerly swim back to some avail
For my larynx is in pieces on the floor –
                                 Our breadcrumb trail!

Lean on me – step in sync – not in stink – breathe, brace!
Monstahs of our childhood are real, and giving chase
Me, I’ve already used my ineffective longnail-Mace;
We’ll feel through this urban warehouse/dead forest of a place –
Man! Queens on Carta Mundi playing cards got
                                 Nothin on your face!

Heh heh! Ugga wugga Boogeydude!
Yo! Here’s a bit of human flesh, slightly chewed,
But still no more’n half-unfit for ugga wugga food!
Little-lost-eyes-paler, you ask me of my mood?
Dunno – here I am, the sensible, laughing, no –
                                 Howling in the nude

Yes, I like writing about females going insane. What’s your point? Copyright 2010 Jobey George.


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