NEWS: One Request One Poem

I should mention, I love getting requests for poems. The prompts are no less arbitrary than the ones I make for myself, and can really jumpstart creative juices I wouldn’t have tapped into otherwise. Some of my best stuff was made for an occasion.

So, here I am, open for business, only I work gratis (at least, you know, until I achieve multi-million dollar success with my limericks, at which point I shall cheerfully forget all the little readers and live in Caribbean decadence). Feel free to leave requests in the comments or by using my contact info, which I presume is around here… somewhere… profile page maybe… anyway.

Happy creating!


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  1. Poetic Lelo said

    So my mom came into the B/C/S class to read our fortunes in that sweet language. She took her Tarot deck and smoothed out the wrinkled silk wrapping while we three (plus profesorica) sat rapt at our desks.

    Turned out our fortunes got worse and worse, all cards in reverse, at least until the end when they finally picked up for the last skinny studentica. Mine started out on the wrong foot; mother shouldn’t read for daughter, too much intertwined. We were willing to try for the sake of education. But then I threw it all away (poor unintending Lelo) by saying “Hvala” at the end. Never thank the fortune teller because “hvala” invokes “hvala Bogu,” lit. “thank God,” and gatanje (the telling of fortunes) is a pretty pagan pastime.

    Little did I know. Now my fortune is undone, gnawing away at the Might-Have-Been somewhere in the heathenosphere, beset on all sides by godly strife. The Devil in reverse (who did appear in my reading) must be having a rather hard time of it. Poetic analysis would be immensely appreciated!

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