ODOP: Hooky

I came across God working
Last night, behind the curtains,
Tying the strange knots
That bind up my thoughts
While I sleep, so fine
And so looseable.

With the itch of
Curiosity I craned
And His playful hand
Swatted me back.
“Not yet,” he said,
“You’re on.” And I woke

To the blinding
White stagelights
That make you forget
The backstage glimpses
Of floating magic dust—
And your lines too.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George



  1. Beautiful poem–exactly what I needed to hear.


  2. Lelo said

    Really like this one, too. It’s thoughtful in a different way from yesterday’s. Woohoo!!

  3. @Alyssa: I’m very glad that it said something to you, thought I confess a certain curiosity… I felt doubtful myself that there was anything more than a tiny kernel of something that I really believed myself, so I’d be interested to know how it spoke to you.

    @Lelo: Things are getting too thoughtful around here. I might have to break out and write some more limericks!

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