ODOP: Nearness

This poem has been deleted for entry in a contest.



  1. Lelo said

    Very intriguing… I have the feeling that I’ll be thinking about it for a long time.

    • Lelo said

      (Vagueness intentional. Can’t be any specificker.)

  2. I would have thought the minimalist message would appeal to you without too much trouble… (!)

    Still can’t find the Chesterton quote I’m thinking of, but I remember one of the things he was saying on his passage about economy is that one of the most romantic things in the world would be to use or create something out of all the contents of a wastebasket, that only a genius could do it. I’m afraid it’s easier to look back and classify him as avant-garde than he would have cared for!

  3. Lelo said

    Yes, but… but… there’s something besides mere minimalism, somewhere in between the lines, and it speaks to me!

    Chesterton, bless him, always has something good to say on any subject, avant-garde or no.

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