ODOP: Paid Out

Yesterday I laid the blame on fantasy lit. Today’s scapegoat: Charles Portis.

He’s got a mark but lives in Nod;
Is cruel, but they fry cruelty
For supper there; yet your heart beats,
And by his spurs you know him.

Crisp money, the overpowering smell,
And sergeant’s handshakes you forswore.
You tracked him for love of Lost Larkin
To dispatch him with his spurs.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George.



  1. Jingle said

    animated writing…
    vivid images and powerful words.

  2. thankee… I feel there was a bit–maybe a bit much–folk-cliche going on in there, but I guess the vividness and power is why they *become* folk-cliche, no?

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