ODOP: epicurus defied

I got the prompt from today’s poem by random-ing on TV Tropes and getting Friendly Neighborhood Vampires. The reason it became all “lover-ly” is because the description claims that FNVs are sometimes portrayed as “Star Crossed Lovers” (??) I don’t recall any such examples from my own media experiences, but, when your goal is One Day, One Poem, you can’t be too picky about inspiration.

Anyway the TV Tropes item inspired a lot of bad puns. I showed heroic restraint by not putting all of them in here.

Carpe the bloody diem,
They told me, and forget
Her lily-thin cheeks
Rebels don’t regret

When you live in the moment
You live in any moment…
Coz that’s romantic.

And so I left the bloody diem
Left it exactly as it was.
It’s still waiting on me,
Its neck exposed.

Our past burning on high pyres —
Hand and hand, we stalk away,
And fly off, you and I
To suck the morrow from today.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George



  1. Lelo said

    Oooooh, the last line is bloody awesome.



  2. Very austere! You caught me. The last line came to me first, and the rest of the poem was written for it. 🙂

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