ODOP: Best-Laid Plans

It was the weightlifter who convinced us that the entrance was only a wall.
It was the con who started us digging.
It was the scientist who scaled the heights and unwired the corner.
It was the fool who thought to keep trying at the place that did not yield at first.

It was the biggest key we took first.
It was the gleaming key that lit the way where the steps were narrow.
It was the crooked key that got the nut from my teeth.
It was the dirty key that opened the door.

It was the gold that got them to open the gates for us.
It was the gems that made us beautiful.
It was the art that entertained us through the winter.
It was the dusty little fossil that made us rich.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George.

I’m the “Weekday Poet” because my schedule is MTWTF. See you when we come round to the next M, when we will be mixing the week up with some recs/reviews of other online poems. In the meanwhile your comments are more than welcome. Cheers!


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