ODOP: Naked Valley Grave

An arid wind, a sandy drone,
A world too old to grow older.
And I am distinct from none of it
As my dry bones moulder.

The staring, merciless sun did witness
The decay of my folly and prattle…
And it alone was there to witness.
That these dry bones can rattle.

Not it alone, it was you!—That shakes
The mountains, and rends the skies,
And will be reckless in his vengeance
Till these dry bones do rise.

Terrible god, pressing forward,
In your cruel and kind advance!
Come and give your breath to me,
And make these dry bones dance.

Copyright 2010 Jobey George

Image by Vrubel.


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  1. connetta said

    this one is real nice. Enjoyed my visit here…

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